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My movement projects

I offer regular classes in Sion and Vevey. I also occasionally offer weekend workshops in Switzerland and abroad.

If you wish to organise a class or workshop, or if you wish to work together on a project, please contact me to discuss!

I have at heart to bring conscious dance to people who don't necessarily have easy access to movement practices.

Moving with seniors

Elderly people can have trouble with their changing movement spectrum, they sometimes struggle to get exercise, they may need support adapting to their ageing bodies. Through Open Floor’s open minded and flexible approach, elderly citizens can befriend their bodies once again, and move them within their own limitations, to music they love. Inspired by the films "Alive Inside" and "Une jeune fille de 90 ans", and by my colleague Raphaël Loestcher's generous work, I am devising a program for retirement homes.

Youth outreach

Starting young is a definite asset. Why not teach children to be embodied and present to who they are, how they feel, how they fit into this world and to their peer-group? I am discussing a program with Jasmine Morand, choreographer and dance teacher, and we hope to collaborate on creating a program in the local schools to enable children to practice mindfulness, body awareness and healthy communication.

Creating links with immigrants and refugees

How to fit in when you arrive in a foreign country, and you don’t speak the language or understand the customs? Movement is a universal language that we all understand! Moved by the work Marie Rampazzo does, I discovered a web of beautiful people who welcome and support immigrants and refugees. I hope to find the opportunity to integrate a program for displaced persons and offer them focused bodywork and non-verbal communication tools..

Please contact me if you feel inspired by one of these projects, if you wish to support it or participate in it. I am happy to discuss your ideas and suggestions!