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Different movement teachers

Discover other movement practices in Lake Geneva area!

  • 5 Rythms, the go-to practice when dancing concious dance! Regular classes are available in Geneva and Lausanne.

    Geneva : and

  • Movement Medicine is offered by Véronique Champalou in Geneva and Lausanne.

  • Luc Raimondi offers Danse Libre / Electro Shamanic Trance / Electro-Tribal

  • If you enjoy combining voice and dance, discover Sophie Bosshard's La Voix Danse classes

  • Fabrice Georges takes us on a dancing journey with his instruments during his Danse Tribal.

  • Gaga is a dance to try and discover. Géraldine Chollet offers classes in the area.

  • Contact Improvisation evenings take place every second week in Vevey.

  • Discover Jasmine Morand's work at the Dansomètre. Local choreographer, she enjoys working with professional dancers and amateurs. She also offers creative workshops for parents and kids.

  • If you live in Fribourg, you could dance with Lisa!

If you are a dance teacher and wish to be listed, please contact me!