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My other activities


I am fascinated by the ability light has to model a space. Have you noticed how a few sun rays piercing through a leafy forest can suddenly take you into a magical fairy-like world? Or how a cosy warm atmosphere can disappear in a second when the working lights get turned on at the end of an evening? Light... such an ephemeral phenomenon but also so powerful... I needed to know more, to get to know this tool! I went to university to study this subject, where I learnt to light plays and operas. My first job was as a lighting technician for a ballet... such a pleasure to sculpte these moving bodies! I then went on to working in museums, lighting with care and detail pieces of art from centuries ago. I currently work occasionally as a lighting designer, for ballet, theatre and exhibitions. Please contact me should you want to know more or if you wish to work together!

Project and event management

During my career working in cultural management, I discovered I have a natural talent and ease for organisation and coordination. I have been active as a freelancer for the last 10 years in project management, helping create companies and organisations, coordinating events, big and small. Do you need help setting up a project? Organising an event? Please contact me!

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