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A page for everything and everyone I love!

  • - Salomé Bocksberger's website, the person who illustrated my flyers with sensitivity and friendship. Creator with multiple talents, she can renovate houses, build ingenious spice racks, make shelters for hedgehogs, create mosaics from recycled material, illustrate and design flyers and business cards,...
  • - Elise Gaud de Buck's website, the person who created the drawings of the dancers who are dancing across the pages of my website. Graphic designer, illustrator and festival programmer, she and I met as teenagers in our amateur theatre company.
  • - Céline Michel's website, fabulous photographer, artist of great talent and sensitivity who's work I admire, she helped me greatly at my beginnings as a teacher!
  • - my brothers' website, Roderick Hodgson, first class geek who knows his way around artificial intelligence, computer programming and many more IT things that are completely out of my reach. He is also the wonderful creator of this website!